FAQ For Sex

Q. Is masturbation harmful?
A. No, masturbation is not harmful in as much as producing physical disability or diminishing your virility. In fact masturbation should be seen as ‘a handful of pleasure’. It doesn’t lead to any deformity of the penis nor does it affect the ability to achieve or sustain an erection.

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Q. What’s the average size of the penis?
A. The average size of penis is 15 cm, the normal range is considered to be between 13 cm and 18 cm.

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Q. Can penis size be increased?
A. Yes. There are two procedure i.e. medicinal & surgical procedures to increase penis size.

For Medicinal Procedure
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Surgical procedures are two i.e. Biharin Procedure, and Fat Injection.

The Biharin Procedure consists of cutting the ligament that secures the base of the penis to the body. This gives between one-half and two inches of increased length to the penis; however, because the penis is no longer anchored to the body an erection no longer points ‘up.’

Fat Injection is the process of removing fat from the backs of the thighs and injecting it into the body of the penis to make the penis thicker. Because the body rejects a significant portion of the injection this procedure may need to be repeated several times and each operation carries with it a severe risk of infection.

Q. My penis bends down (or left, or right). Is there something wrong with it?
A. One-quarter of all penises bend in some direction and some bend downward even when erect. Coming to think of it, one would really thank the Searchd that the penis doesn’t have any bones in it, and therefore it can normally easily bend in many directions to perform its job without much of discomfort. Unless the bend is severe or causes you pain, there is nothing wrong or abnormal about your penis. It should not interfere with sexual intercourse. In fact some people find the bend is to their advantage, making penetration easier.

Q. One of my testicles is larger than the other. Is it all right?
A. Rarely are both the testicles identical. In fact the left one hangs lower in 85% of cases. It is nothing to worry about.