lean care

Lean Care

LEAN CARE is a unique complex herbal formula produced by Sriram Herbals Pvt Ltd which regulates the fat metabolism and helps in reducing extra fat from the body.  These offered lean cure products have proven to be highly effective regarding the treatment of obesity and many other similar cases. This herbal solution of this product controls the increasing weight in human body and hence helps in avoiding possible consequences of excess lipid.

Obesity is a medical condition which occurs as a result of lipid metabolism disorder.  People basically undergo surgical treatment for excluding accumulated fat from their body. But, it is very risky and painful procedure. By keeping this scenario into consideration, we have produced the utmost Ayurvedic formula with which we can treat the unlikely body disorder called obesity without any operational equipment and process.

The Sriram Herbals product is 100% ayurvedic made by mixing the effective medicinal herbs and shrubs that too with appropriate proportion. The special elements of these rarely found banaspati works directly to target the unwanted fats and reduces them accordingly. On the other hand, these medicines help controlling the access secretion of lipid thereby fixes the fat metabolism.

Note: Use of lean care product in case of pregnancy may bring harmful consequences. So, avoid them or consult the doctor before consuming.