Sex Enhancement

SEX Enhancement

Sriram Herbals serves as the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Sex enhancement medicine for both Men and Women.  Although located in Bangalore, Sriram Herbals products are among the sensational topics across the world.
Many of the male and female beings across the world are sexually challenged and face various issues in their sex life due to reduced sexual activity. They usually face such sexual problems due to several physical or psychological disorders. Moreover, aging can also be the key reason behind sexual deduction as aging slows down the human health and vigour.
Our skilled experts at Sriram Herbals have invented one of its kinds of formulation – the Sex Enhancement Pills for Men and women that help them defeat the most common sexual confront thereby leading them towards a happy and active sex life. Here are some of the common scenarios which affect the sexual comfort of men:


Impotence is something which Men face when they are unable to achieve and sustain erection while having sex. Basically, such Erectile Dysfunction issues occur once in entire life but for some, it keeps occurring at regular intervals. The basic reasons that cause impotence are anxiety, over work and exhaustion. Impotence brings in psychological disorders including nervousness, depression, mood swings, stress, and many more.  The biological reason behind impotence in men is the lack of sufficient blood flow into their penis.


Most of the people make age as a key excuse for sexual inactiveness but the fact is that age does not affect the sexual activeness. Biologically, the sexual peak is achieved in human being during early adulthood which keeps declining as the age grows. But, if the man or woman is healthy and active, then they may enjoy sex life till the most advanced stage of his life.


Testosterone is the hormone which activates sexual functioning of man. However, like any of the Male Sex Treatment, the issues regarding secretion of testosterone hormones in male body can also be treated and cured by medical experts.

Alcohol & other substances

Alcoholic body cannot achieve and sustain erection and hence it leads to early or premature ejaculation. So, the human body should be free of alcoholic and other toxic products.


Nowadays, both men and women are availed with various sex enhancing drugs but they need to make sure that these products have no side-effects. Proper consultation with the medical expert before using these sex enhancing products can help avoiding poor impact in your sexual life.

Sex Enhancement Products

After the key research regarding sexual issues and complications, we have come up with the most unique formulations of Sex Enlargement Medicine for Male and female. These medicines consist of numerous benefits for the youth as well as middle aged beings. Our sex increase medicine have offered the best result regarding improvement of sexual performance, having Stronger Semen, increase semen volume and gaining back the vigour to control premature ejaculation. These positive effects of our ayurvedic sex supplements or solvents could finally increase sexual intercourse time.

Major advantages of Sriram Herbals Sex Enhancement Capsules:

  • Enhances the Energy
  • Premature Ejaculation Cure
  • Improves Stamina
  • Removes Tiredness
  • Get rid of Depression
  • Increases sexual strength

Moreover, our Sex Enhancement capsules are manufactured with 100% herbal ingredients and no single chemicals or steroids have been blended. Thus, our products do not have any side effects.